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- Pages Added / Updated -

We've updated the Videos page- Added 03/JULY/2012
There's more great videos on the life and experiences of the Great Maestro -be sure to check them out! Which you can do so by clicking here.

Visit the Leonardo Shop!- Added 05/JUN/2012
We've had feedback that our readers want to get their hands on recommended Leonardo merchandise, to get closer to the Leonardo experience; to hold in their hands great artefacts rather than just viewing them on the screen. You can now feel how Leonardo may have done beholding his great creations in reality!

You can visit our shop here.


Donation's Button- Added 23/FEB/2012
For all of our dear readers that would also like to donate to help keep this site running! The button is on the bottom of this page for now - or you can click here.
You can read about us here.

Leonardo Da Vinci Paintings! - Updated 08/FEB/2012
A more complete list of his works than ever before!

Leonardo Da Vinci News - Library! - Added 01/JAN/2012
Find out archived Da Vinci news, from before 2011!

The Leonardo Da Vinci Salvator Mundi - Added 12/DEC/2011
A lost Leonardo Masterpiece re-discovered!

Quotes! - Added 11/SEPT/2011
Be inspired by the thoughts, insights and reflections of the great Maestro himself.

ANATOMY and Vitruvian man split into 2 pages! - Added 14/MAY/2009
In order to help to make easier for Leonardo enthusiasts to find the information they want easier, we have split these pages in two! Also, a temporary 'Anatomy link page' has been created to assist in the transition.

About Us, Mission Statement & Site Map have moved! - Updated 14/MAY/2009
We've moved these pages from the Navigation bar on the left to the top right hand corner of this page! This has been done to make space for more pages that we'll be adding to the Navigation bar as soon as they're ready.

More News stories! and Videos added - Updated 08/MAY/2009
Keep up with what's happening in the world of Leonardo by visiting our Leonardo News page! and watch both entertaining and educational videos about the Great Leonardo here!

Da Vinci Code Movie - Added 06/MAY/2009
Read about the Da Vinci code movie controversies! and how they relate directly to the Great Leonardo!

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- More Inventions & Paintings pages!

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- Messages to you, the Reader -

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- Leonardo Special Anniversaries! -

Anniversary of the ‘Failed Flight’

On 3rd January 2012, it will be 515 years since Leonardo recorded in his notes of a failed pilot test in 1496. You may be wondering why we should make note of this day? The reason is to be aware of Leonardo’s fearless character as he pressed on in his work on aviation despite an obvious setback.

Leonardo’s character also meant he was willing to test a device in the first place that on lookers would have thought him crazy to have even conceived of! So Leonardo, we salute you!

You can read more here.

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Previous Messages!

We Wish you a Merry Xmas & Happy New Year!

Everyone here at Leonardo-Da-Vinci-Biography.com wish you a Happy New Year ’08!

Thank you for visiting us and being patient as we build this site dedicated to the Greatest Genius to ever live!

My New Years resolution is going to be more hardworking, focused and open-minded like the Great Maestro, Leonardo Da Vinci!

Whatever your resolutions will be, we wish you the Best!

(Message added 01/JAN/12)

Massive Quality check underway on all our pages!

For the next two weeks, we are conducting a major quality check on all our pages. This is first major quality check since we started in 2007.

This quality check (and the improvements that will come out of these checks) will cover everything from ensuring our content is correct as possible, as are spellings and grammar to very slight adjustments of page layouts.

Once these checks and improvements have been done, we'll be back to adding new content and features! Hopefully you'll find the changes useful and conductive in helping you to find the information that you're looking for!

(Message added 24/MAY/09)

Been away on a Leonardo inspired project!

Dear reader, I apologise for not adding any new material for the last few months. I became absorbed in another project, which I was inspired to do so when I thought of how the great Leonardo would undertake new projects!

I will now try my best to be more regular in adding to this website. Your understanding on this is appreciated.

Currently, website updated at weekends

Due to time and resource restrictions, we are mostly only able to add new content at the weekends! We do apologise for this, especially if you are a fan of this site. We'll keep you posted if the situation changes in the future.

Thumbnails complete!

All thumbnail picture links have been created. Feel free to click on pictures to take a more detailed look!

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Longer Term messages . .

~ Leonardo-Da-Vinci-Biography.com = DaVinciBiography.com

We have setup a redirect so you can also get to this site by typing DaVinciBiography.com into your browser (or Da-Vinci-Biography.com).

Now you can tell all your friends and family to go to DaVinciBiography.com instead!

~ This site will be improved upon on a regular basis

You can read the message here.

~ Using ‘Da Vinci’ instead of Leonardo!

Dear readers, we here at the site are aware that when we use ‘Da Vinci’ to refer to Leonardo, some people may not like this.

‘Da Vinci’ itself refers to any person born in the town of Vinci, Italy. The great Leonardo would never have been to referred to as Da Vinci even in his own lifetime.

We do it to make the pages it's on sound more flowing! And to not bombard the reader with the word ‘Leonardo’ or his full name.

Some time in the future we may change this. Until then, we apologise to those who do not approve of calling the Greatest Genius ever as, Da Vinci.

~ Help with online video links

If your video does not load;

- Try using an alternative web explorer (Firefox or Microsoft).
- A Dial up Internet connection may take longer downloading so extra patience may be needed.
- Please ensure that your PC’s drivers and related applications are all up-to-date.
- The Video may not be available any longer in which case we shall remove the link once we are aware of this.

We will be setting up a ‘contact us’ sometime in the future for when links are no longer working.

Till then, we shall endeavour to regularly check links to see if they are still valid.

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