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Hi there and thank you for visiting this site! – which is dedicated to my and possibly your greatest role model, Leonardo Da Vinci!

Two people currently run this site; myself who adds new content (I call myself ‘GB’) and my colleague who I call ‘PB’ (we like initials) and whom deals with the technical side.

I came up the idea of this site shortly after having finished my degree and having been introduced to the great Maestro. I fell in love with the work of Leonardo when I was miserably failing at my degree (Economics) and my life in general was going backwards. Then by chance I caught a documentary on the Greatest Genius that has ever lived. My life then changed. What truly inspired me was how Leonardo was mostly self-taught; totally absorbed in his work and that he achieved many projects while I was struggling with just one!

From that point on I had new vigour! And I just had to imagine Leonardo working on his projects to be inspired. I turned around my degree (with some support from my friend PB also) and graduated.

I now want to help others to discover the inspiring nature of Leonardo, which has helped so many before me. Believe me, Leonardo’s life was proof that vision and persistence sooner or later does payoff! Even though this site has adverts (to help pay the costs of the site), this site is built to inspire, educate and hopefully even surprise you in seeing what Leonardo had accomplished in his lifetime. Any advertisements you will see are used to pay the costs of this website.

Now you know a little more about us, I’d just like to say, thank you for taking the time to visit us and your support is appreciated! Pages, features and more content on existing pages will be updated when possible (including this one) to eventually create the most definitive Leonardo Da Vinci site. We will add feedback sections sometime in the future to get a better idea what you may want from this site.

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