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 A brief explanation of the Da Vinci code movie now follows;

A brief explanation of the Da Vinci code movie now follows; The Da Vinci code story explains that the legend of the Holy Grail does not actually refer to a cup but instead to the bloodline of Jesus. The mythical power associated with the cup more specifically relates to the power of the church, which will diminish considerably if people knew that Jesus was a mortal prophet. This will mean the Church will no longer have a monopoly on who can go to heaven and thus will no longer have direct control over it's followers. Also, Jesus's leading Disciple (and therefore the original leader of the Church) was his pregnant wife Mary Magdalene. All this was allegedly known by the great Leonardo who was said to the leader of a secret society (called the Priory of Sion), which was sworn to protect the bloodline from the aggressive censorship of the church. Leonardo is believed to have communicated his knowledge of the Holy Grails' 'true' nature through his last supper painting and somewhat through the Mona Lisa painting.



Below are quote excerpts from the Da Vinci code movie that explain key concepts that directly relate to Leonardo.
Pictures are used to explain the concepts further.


Mona Lisa 


~ The Da Vinci code movie ~


'Her smile is in the lower spatial frequencies. The horizon is significantly lower on the left than it is on the right. She appears larger from the left than on the right. Historically the left was female, the right was male.'
(Da Vinci code movie, DVD, Chapter 5)

mona-lisa-la-gioconda two halves


Priory of Sion


~ The Da Vinci code movie ~


'Priory of Sion is a myth. One of the world's oldest and most secret societies, with leaders like, Da Vinci himself. They're guardians of a secret they supposedly refer to as ''the dark con of man." The Priory of Sion protects the source of God's power on earth.'
(Da Vinci code movie, DVD, Chapter 5)



The Last Supper painting

The Last Supper painting

~ The Da Vinci code movie ~


'How many wineglasses are there on the table? No single cup. No chalice. That's a bit strange isn't it? Considering both the Bible and standard Grail legend celebrate this as the definitive arrival of the Holy Grail.'

The last-supper-painting-table

'The female symbol is called the chalice.'


'And the chalice resembles a cup or vessel, or more importantly the shape of the woman's womb. The Grail has never been a cup. It is quite literally this ancient symbol of womanhood. And in this case, a woman who carried a secret so powerful that if revealed, it would devastate the very foundations of Christianity.'
'You're saying the Holy Grail is a person? A woman?'
'And it turns out, she makes an appearance right there.'
'But they are all men.'
'What about that figure on the right hand of our Lord seated in the place of honour? Flowing red hair. Folded feminine hands. Hint of a Bosom.'


'Who is she?'
'That's Mary Magdalene'.
'The prostitute?'
'She was no such thing. Smeared by the Church in 591 anno Domini, poor dear. Mary Magdalene was Jesus' wife. 

Notice how Jesus and Mary clothed. Mirror images of each other.


Notice how Jesus and Mary appear to be joined at the hip and leaning away from eachother's if to create a shape in the negative space between them. Leonardo gives us the chalice. 


Notice what happens when these two figures change position.


(The Last Supper painting quotes are from The Da Vinci code movie, DVD, Chapter 12.)


By Clicking on the link below, you can see the Last supper painting more in its original manner as a wall Tempera painting.  You will also be able to scrutinise the paintings for any Leonardo Da Vinci code more closely.

The last supper painting

~ The Da Vinci code movie ~




- Leonardo indeed did communicate through his paintings.  

With most artists and their work, there is usually a message conveyed, though this message can be more emotional than intellectual. With Leonardo, alongside the emotional content, he used symbols within the paintings. Such examples are the Ermine in 'Lady with the Ermine' to denote the symbol of the sitters' lover, Ludovico Sforza and the juniper bush which in Italian was a pun on the sitters' name, Ginevra De Benci. The Mona Lisa's swollen fingers are also believed to denote that she is pregnant.

Messages in art are not limited to just paintings. William Shakespeare in his play writing would communicate his distaste of the authorities in power with metaphors. He would also set the plays in other countries in order to avoid being found in contempt of treason within his home country of England.

-Other artists had painted St Peter as an androgynous figure before.

In Leonardo's St John the Baptist, Leonardo painted his male friend Salai as an androgynous figure whom we cannot quite tell if he is male or female.

As a side note, the Last Supper painting was created 16 years before the St John the Baptist painting.

- St Peter had been painted as an androgynous figure before by other artists.

- There are apparently other androgynous / feminine figures in the Last Supper painting.

Some believe that St.Philip is a male figure intentionally made to look female. We don't think so. View the picture below and you can decide for yourself.


~ The Da Vinci code movie ~


- Leonardo's genius was unparalleled. 

Leonardo was certain to know more than the conventional person and most theology scholars of the time concerning matters of Christianity.

- Dan Brown (the Author of the Da Vinci Code) in the story refers to theLast Supper painting as a Fresco. This is not correct as it is a Tempura painting, a style of painting which Leonardo was innovating in order to speed up the time it takes to create a wall Fresco.




- As it stands, and until new evidence proves otherwise, we think that the figure to Jesus's left could indeed be Mary Magdalene rather than a androgynousSt.Peter.

There is much evidence of the Church censoring Gospels, which shows Mary Magdalene as a key person in the formation of the original Church, rather than the Prostitute 'turned good' which she has been portrayed as. (The censorship of the Gnostic gospels is a good place to start your research).

Overall, Leonardo would say himself say that knowledge is only relevant if it has been experienced, rather than read and believed blindly. Conduct your own unbiased research and then consider your thoughts. If anything, the Da Vinci code movie does spark the imagination and stir the curiosity. For this value alone, it shows merit; setting aside it's blasphemous nature, which would not have deterred Leonardo in his quest for the Truth.



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