On this page you will find the tools you need to build your own successful Leonardo web site! - be it for personal reasons, a school project or to build a profitable business.

We have included everything from planning your site, to building it and then enjoying the fruits of your hard work!



1) Come up with a topic . . which you already have . . Leonardo of Course!
2) Decide what you want to achieve with your site
3) Buy a Leonardo inspired domain name!
4) Use a quality webhost
5) Build quality content
6) Monetarise your website (& our promise to you)



Now the Fun is about to begin :)



1) Come up with a topic . . which you already have . . Leonardo of Course!

The topic of Leonardo Da Vinci attracts millions of hits on Google, from all around the world, every single day.  No matter how much time passes, Leonardo seems to get more popular every year.  This is good for you to know whilst starting out on your journey, that there are sure to be plenty of people eager to explore the fascinating world of Leonardo!


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2) Decide what you want to achieve with your site:

As a Hobbyist, you can have great fun exploring and teaching the fascinating facts of Leonardo to the rest of the world.

The added benefits in having your own site is that it skills you up in the technical world of computers so you'll have more to offer others both socially (as you interact with your reader), and economically in the jobs market if you ever decide to transfer your growing website skills to a related field.

Believe us, if Leonardo was here with us in body (he's always with us in spirit), he himself would have explored, mastered and innovated the world of the internet; and he'd sure to have a website in today's technical world.


As somebody looking to build a business, you can't go wrong in this hi-tech world of the internet today.  Rest assured that there are millions of people making plenty of money from websites today - be it from selling hard goods or benefiting from having paying adverts on their site.  The ability of making potentially great amounts of money in Cyberspace has never been so great.  And if that's what you want, read on as we can help!


For established businesses there are resources here that can benefit you too, such as acquiring a premium website name to build a high traffic Leonardo site and direct that traffic to your own established business. 

Read on how to acquire a website name that the major search engines like Google will index highly (as long as you build the quality content which the search engines also require.)




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3) Buy a Leonardo inspired domain name!:

Visit the catchy Leonardo domain names below which are available to be yours, and of which would be favourably indexed by the major search engines.

(Our website,, currently receives a million unique visitors a year and 90,000 unique visitors per month.  You eventually will too with your new Leonardo inspired domain name!)

1&1 below is one of the market leaders and we can recommend them.




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4) Use a quality webhost.

We recommend the following two; 1&1 or SBI.


For a full Business building solution however, we cannot recommend SBI (Site Build it) highly enough!:

*** Our website is powered by the following host: ***


SBI! Case Studies


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5) Build quality content.

Your content should interest you, excite you and fill you with the feeling you are serving others with something that will benefit them.

We advise creating a mission statement early on that you can update regularly. It will help to keep you focused towards your chosen direction.

(You can read ours here.)

*** We found the webhost SBI indispensable in building our site with quality content that will attract lots of traffic! 

By following the instructions in SBI closely, we made back more in revenue in our first year to cover the initial cost of SBI, and then some! ***



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6) Monetarising your website (if that's what you want :)

Once you have created 30 pages of quality, information rich pages; you will be ready to make some money! (- if that is what you want to do.)

Google adsense is real easy to sign up to they have a helpful website with all the information you would need to get started.




Happy Web-building!  



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